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About FPSA

About FPSA

The Food Production Solutions Association (FPSA) is dedicated to delivering innovative food and technology solutions, meaningful education, industry engagement, philanthropy, and advocacy to advance member companies and the greater food production industry. FPSA is a dynamic community of food production industry leaders and experts, where collaboration and innovation lead the future of food production.

Vision: The food technology and solutions exchange advancing member companies and the greater food industry.

Mission: To establish a collaborative environment aligning food manufacturers and suppliers that provides meaningful education, industry engagement, philanthropy and advocacy to create a sustainable future for the food industry.

What We Do

FPSA Connects: FPSA is a dynamic community of food production industry leaders and experts, where collaboration and new ideas shape the future of food production. FPSA connects members with potential partners, suppliers, and collaborators who share a commitment to innovation.

FPSA Informs: In today's fast-paced marketplace, being up to date on the latest trends and market dynamics is essential to growth and success. FPSA provides a range of resources that offer timely and specific insights that can help members anticipate changes in the industry, take advantage of opportunities as they arise, and plan strategic initiatives to grow their business in new sectors.

FPSA Leads: FPSA is dedicated to our members’ success. We lead the way by supporting your business growth with exclusive cost-saving programs that ensure your bottom line thrives, industry-leading research that keeps you ahead of the curve, and workforce development programs to cultivate talent within your organization.

FPSA Serves: FPSA believes that we have a responsibility to give back to the community and works with a variety of partners to identify causes and organizations that align with our mission and values. Through our philanthropic initiatives, we aim to create positive change and support those who need it most. Whether it's through donations, volunteering, or education, we believe that everyone has the power to make a difference.

Who Our Members Are

Join FPSA and become part of a vibrant community comprising leading food producers, top-tier equipment manufacturers, comprehensive packaging services and supplies providers, automation and technology experts, and accomplished engineering professionals. Together, we collaborate, stay abreast of industry trends, drive business growth, and contribute to philanthropic initiatives, shaping the future of food production. Join us in revolutionizing the industry!