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Member Only Benefits

FPSA offers programs, services, and resources that support members’ success, visibility, and growth by:

  • Increasing company visibility 
  • Providing marketing assistance for products and services 
  • Expanding relationships at high-level networking events 
  • Sharing market intelligence, research, and key business practices 
  • Offering educational opportunities to grow industry knowledge
  • Developing future industry leaders


Who you know is as important as what you know. FPSA creates opportunities for like-minded professionals to share experiences, ideas, and best practices through Councils and Networks. 

 Develop critical relationships with customers and industry partners FPSA Events. Learn about consumer trends, supply chain disruptions, and market developments affecting your business sector during informational presentations, chat with colleagues during coffee breaks and at receptions, and show off your products and services at the Process Expo. FPSA members receive a $6.50/sq foot discount on Process Expo booth space and receive exclusive advertising and sponsorship opportunities.  

Professional Development and Education

FPSA knows that engaged, educated, workers are at the forefront of safety, innovation, and quality work. FPSA Membership includes professional development opportunities for staff at all levels of your organization through:  

  • Economic Advisor Newsletter 
  • The Mentor Circle Program  
  • Webinars developed by FPSA Councils and Networks  
  • Annual Global Forecast and Trend Study  
  • One free license to the Valor/180 Skills Training Program  
    • Only $349/year per additional license  
  • FPSA members-only discount on 3-A Sanitary Standards 

Connect with Future Employees

Hiring motivated employees is no easy task, but FPSA is committed to cultivating qualified candidates for all your business needs. The FIT training program has been an unmitigated success. With the demand for candidates outstripping their availability, FPSA plans to expand the program to train more qualified technicians each year. In addition to the FIT program, FPSA hosts a job board to meet your hiring needs now, attends career fairs to recruit promising students to the food and beverage industry, and funds scholarships for FPSA members, their families and future meat, dairy, and food scientists.  

Increase your Company Profile

Exhibiting at Process Expo is only one of the ways to get your company out in front of potential customers with FPSA. We offer exclusive sponsorships and advertising opportunities to our members at Process Expo and the Annual Convention. FPSA members are featured in social media short videos to “Meet the Member” and spotlighted on our website. We also love to talk about the great work our members do – submit your news to our website to go in our news briefs!  

Cost Savings Programs

FPSA has leveraged the tremendous purchasing power of our members to negotiate several affinity programs and other benefits to help maximize your budget by saving money. These programs support members’ pursuit of operational and safety excellence at better rates than they could typically get on their own, which is particularly helpful for small to medium size businesses. FPSA members have access to excellent services from these partners who understand our industry’s unique needs:

Transparent Energy for FPSA Members
Transparent Energy for FPSA Members will:

  • Manage the entire process, which includes vetting all suppliers, gathering historical energy usage, preparing and distributing a request for proposal (RFP), gathering all vetted suppliers to compete for your business, conducting the reverse auction, and facilitating the execution of the contract between you and the winning supplier.
  • Not charge any upfront costs to the member and if you are not completely satisfied with the auction results, you do not have to contract with the winning supplier.
  • Discount their services to all members participating in the program.

FPSA encourages you to reach out to Jonathan Le at (945) 218-2185 or, to learn more about their process and how your organization can benefit from it.  Or to learn more about Transparent Energy please visit

3-A Logo
3-A Sanitary Design Program

(FPSA members receive a 50% discount on Sanitary Standards). FPSA and its members have been involved in developing and using 3-A Sanitary Standards for hygienic equipment design for decades. Today, FPSA proudly continues to support 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. and its dedication to advancing hygienic equipment design for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries to promote food safety and public health.


Here to help FPSA Members like you take control of your supply chain.

As the proud preferred logistics partner of the FPSA, we offer expert guidance in navigating your supply chain challenges, serving as your trusted resource for achieving success.

Discover The eShipping Advantage

We believe that in order to be a great partner in the food production & equipment industry we need to be where you are, understand the industry inside and out, and know what questions to ask. By doing this we immediately set ourselves apart in that we understanding the common experiences of our food process & equipment customers and we know how to get to a solution quickly for the challenges you face.

About eShipping:

eShipping is a leading tech-enabled, non-asset based provider of managed transportation services to mid-sized shippers. Through its proprietary eShipManager platform, the Company offers a full suite of outsourced logistics solutions, including freight optimization and management, less-than-truckload, and truckload brokerage, international air and ocean services, customers brokerage, parcel, final mile, drayage, and warehousing. eShipping is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri with regional office locations and distribution centers across the United States.


A Comprehensive Supply Chain Guide for FPSA Member Companies

Leveraging Technology for End-to-End Visibility in Food Distribution

Sustainability in Food Supply Chain: A Complete Approach

Supply Chain Resilience: Lessons from Food Suppliers

The Impact of Complete Supply Chain Management on Food Safety

Barnes & Thornburg Logo
Discounted Legal Services Program

This members-only benefit program will allow FPSA members to engage the services of Barnes & Thornburg attorneys at a considerably discounted rate. Legal guidance presented as part of the program will include intellectual property counseling, contract review and negotiations, customs, NAFTA and import matters, and labor/employment law matters with other areas to be added in the future. We hope that you will take advantage of the expert legal services from one of the country’s most prestigious law firms – all at a discounted rate. To access this FPSA Member Benefit, please log in to our members' only website, then go to “Cost Savings Programs for FPSA Members” to find the contact information for this program.


  • Members receive proactive price protection (even retroactive) with guaranteed lower prices compared to Amazon Prime, Office Depot, and WB Mason
  • 3% additional discount on all orders greater than $250
  • Professional printing services (forms, signs, posters, stationery, etc)
  • Free next-day shipping

To access this FPSA Member Benefit, please log in to our members' only website, then go to “Cost Savings Programs for FPSA Members” to find the contact information for this program.

P3 Cost Analysts

P3 Cost Analysts is a nationwide cost reduction firm. With over 30,000 client locations nationwide and 30+ years of history, P3’s expert analysts focus on saving clients both money and time in a variety of operational expense categories, including:

  • Utilities
  • Telecom
  • Waste and Recycling
  • Uniform/Linen
  • Merchant Processing
  • Small Parcel Shipping
  • Vendor Payments
  • Managed Print
  • Property Tax

When P3 saves clients money, they simply split the savings with them each month. If there are no savings identified, there is no fee. To date, P3 has saved hundreds of millions for tens of thousands of client locations around the country.

Consider this service “forensic accounting” on a risk-free basis. P3 audits clients’ invoices looking for errors, overcharges, and refunds, and only share in the savings after they successfully deliver them to the client’s bottom line.

Click here to learn more or feel free to contact Matt Thiele ( at 414.688.0916.

FPSA Financial Wellness Program

FPSA management is proud to announce the launch of the FPSA Financial Wellness Program in response to a request from the Young Professionals Group. This exclusive program, developed by Truist Momentum, offers employees of FPSA member companies the tools and education to build confidence in their financial future. Studies show that employees spend an average of 28 hours per month worrying about their finances—a cost of over $5,000 per employee, per year, in lost productivity. This program succeeds by focusing on what matters most to people—their values—instead of just their money. Then it shows how financial confidence can help them to spend more time doing what they love and less time worrying about money. The program includes several components designed to inspire, educate, and equip your people to gain financial confidence.

Member Companies, please log in to the FPSA Member Portal to find contact information to sign up for this valuable program.