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Gibson Stainless

For over 25 years, Gibson Stainless & Specialty, Inc. has been the leading provider of stainless steel electrical conduit systems, servicing industries where corrosion is a concern.

In the food and beverage industry, plant cleanliness and food safety are high priority, resulting in stringent wash-down procedures. The corrosive nature of the environment and chemicals used in wash-down areas, coupled with additional corrosive catalysts such as food additives and processing agents, have increased the risk for corrosion, which can lead to contamination.  Choosing stainless steel is necessary to combat this risk.  Stainless is easily cleaned once installed, eliminates the possibility of leaching, and provides mechanical strength at extreme temperatures.  As the superior metal, stainless steel can help reduce costs and schedule issues involved with scrapped production batches, as well as the headaches of regulatory issues, recalls, and plant shutdowns from a corroded and deteriorating electrical system.

Often referred to as the “premier stainless steel provider,” Gibson Stainless prides itself on its first-rate customer service and highest quality products. Our staff is committed to providing friendly service and immediate answers. Maintaining a large inventory and focusing on American-made products, Gibson Stainless ships over 90% of its orders complete within 24 hours.

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