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Design-Build Network

The FPSA Design-Build Network brings together architects, designers, engineers, constructors, and industry specialists to provide innovative solutions for the food and beverage industry through a design-build methodology. The Network facilitates collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and community building to advance the development of food processing and facilities to benefit the industry and consumers.

Current Goals/Priorities:

  • ABCs of Design-Build
  • How Design-Build can help Processors attain faster “speed to market.”
  • Equipment Supplier Led Design-Build – How can Equipment Suppliers play a more prominent role in Design-Build?
  • Processor ROI Impacts of Design-Build
  • Turnkey Delivery of Food Processing Facilities
  • Plant Safety
  • White Paper Topics
    • Design-Build Contracts
    • Procurement Approaches for Design-Build
    • Design-Build Project Team Organization – Roles and Responsibilities
    • Scope Creep /Change Orders – Ramifications
    • The reality of Non-Disclosure Agreements and the role that plays with Terms/Conditions Policies
Randy Tharp

Vice Chair
Ben Reeder

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