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Meat Council (MISA)

Meat Industry Suppliers Alliance (MISA) is the non-profit meat industry council of the FPSA that is actively engaged in continuous improvement on behalf of its members as well as the meat industry.

We further the ability of our membership to connect with each other and our customers, while being an active industry advocate at the forefront of issues that have a direct effect on our membership.

MISA is committed to:

  1. Supporting the growth and success of EATS
  2. Dedicating resources to develop and execute conferences, educational programs and networking (members and customers) that drive continuous improvement
  3. Creating excellence in fundraising (MISA Foundation) and utilizing the funding to build the future through investments in scholarships, advanced learning facilities and R&D that benefit the meat industry
  4. Actively seeking and cultivating relationships with other foundations/organizations for the mutual betterment of our organization, membership and industry

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The Misa Scholarship is awarded to those interested in pursuing careers within the meat industry or engineering field.

Learn more about the MISA Scholarship.