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Career Development Scholarship Winners 2020

The Foundation of the Food Processing Suppliers Association (FFPSA) today announced the recipients of fifteen $5,000 Career Development Scholarships for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Meet Our Winners:

  1. Sarah Abushamma, Company: Poly-Clip System
    Sarah Abushamma
  2. Alexandria Bowie, Company: Multivac Inc.
    Alexandria Bowie
  3. Joseph Giacoio, Company: Rheon USA
    Joseph Giacoio
  4. Claire Kredit, Company: Interstates
    Claire Kredit

  5. Victoria Langro, Company: Festo Corporation
    Victoria Langro
  6. Jack Monte, Company: JBT Corporation
    Jack Monte
  7. Socrates Pham, Company: The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co.
    Socrates Pham
  8. Abbey Price, Company: Multivac Inc.
    Abbey Price
  9. Alison Reust, Company: Cybertrol Engineering, LLC
    Alison Reust
  10. Ivee Richesin, Company: Viskase Corporation
    Ivee Richesin
  11. Whitney Rylatt, Company: Poly-clip System
    Whitney Rylatt
  12. Michelle Saganich, Company: Baumer Ltd.
    Michelle Saganich
  13. Alyssa Schumacher, Company: Provisur Technologies
    Alyssa Schmumacher
  14. Lauren Stricek, Company: Lee Industries Inc.
    Lauren Stricek
  15. Nicholas Yager, Company: The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co.
    Nicholas Yager