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Here to help FPSA Members like you take control of your supply chain.

As the proud preferred logistics partner of the FPSA, we offer expert guidance in navigating your supply chain challenges, serving as your trusted resource for achieving success.

Discover The eShipping Advantage
We believe that in order to be a great partner in the food processing & equipment industry we need to be where you are, understand the industry inside and out, and know what questions to ask. By doing this we immediately set ourselves apart in that we understanding the common experiences of our food process & equipment customers and we know how to get to a solution quickly for the challenges you face.

About eShipping:
eShipping is a leading tech-enabled, non-asset based provider of managed transportation services to mid-sized shippers. Through its proprietary eShipManager platform, the Company offers a full suite of outsourced logistics solutions, including freight optimization and management, less-than-truckload, and truckload brokerage, international air and ocean services, customers brokerage, parcel, final mile, drayage, and warehousing. eShipping is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri with regional office locations and distribution centers across the United States.


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