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Food Safety, Covid-19, and Pet Food

2:00 - 3:00 pm ET

Food Safety NetworkThis webinar is brought to you by FPSA’s Food Safety Network

Hear from the Food Safety experts about what changed in Pet Food processing plants in light of Covid-19 and how the crisis has redefined the future of food and operator safety for the broader food processing world.


Panelists (Biographies Below):

  • Mitch Felderhoff, Owner and President of Sales & Marketing for Muenster Milling
  • Billie Johnson, Ph.D., Food Safety/Regulatory Compliance Manager for BJ North America
  • Robert Long, Pet Food Safety Expert

Moderators (Biographies Below):

  • Darin Zehr, FPSA Food Safety Network Chair and General Manager for Commercial Food Sanitation
  • Nehemiah White, FPSA Food Safety Network Vice-Chair and Market Manager for Deville Technologies
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Webinar Panelists

Mitch Felderhoff is one of the 4th Generation Owners and the President of Sales/Marketing for Muenster Milling Company. He grew up in the plant from the time he was five years old… read more.

Billie Johnson

Billie Johnson has a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Oklahoma. She worked for 19 years at Menu Foods/Simmons Pet Food and was the Director of Food… read more.

Robert Long

Robert Long has 25 years of food manufacturing experience, specializing over the last ten years in corporate-level sanitation and hygiene program development and execution… read more.

Webinar Moderators

Darin Zehr

Darin Zehr is part of a CFS team that partners with food customers globally in providing training and consulting in the areas of sanitation and… read more.

Nehemiah White

Nehemiah White spent 4 ½ years researching and developing industrial markets, including the food industry for AirPro Fan & Blower… read more.