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Mentor Circle Application – Mentor

Mentor Circle Application - Mentor
Have you ever participated in a mentorship program? *
If retired, please indicate here.
What is your gender?
How much time are you willing to commit to the mentor circle? *
What time of day is best for you to do your mentor circle meetings? (Select all that Apply)
What days work best for you in the circle? (Select all that Apply)
What is your current time zone? *
A link to a LinkedIn profile can be provided here.
What topics would you be most interested in mentoring on? (Check all that Apply)
Can you make it to the Mentor Q&A Session on September 14th, 2022 (3 PM ET)?
This does not disqualify you as a mentor. We may hold additional Q&A Sessions or move this date depending on others' availability. We will allow you to ask questions of the committee and/or the FPSA staff liaison.
Can you make it to any of the following Meet n' Greet Sessions? (Select all that Apply)
Joining at least one of these events is highly encouraged. However, not joining one of these events does not disqualify you as a mentor.