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For the first time ever, the Food Processing Suppliers Association is opening up its annual FPSA Auction to non-members and other professionals as a free, virtual event taking place from May 10-21 for the silent Auction, and May 20th (8pm ET) for the live portion which will be hosted by Eat Street host and comedian, James Cunningham.

At this stage, we are projecting to have over 85 items in the Auction including many fun personal items and experiences, as well as excellent media packages for companies in the food and beverage industry. Anyone interested in signing up to bid can do so on the GiveSmart Auction portal. While there is no fee to participate in the Auction, you will need to sign up for it to be invited to the live feed.

All proceeds from the FPSA Auction go to six worthy causes including multiple scholarships for students in meat, dairy, and food science majors, veterans’ groups, university research, employee training and employment of the underserved.

Additionally, to complement this event, FPSA will hold a pre-Auction virtual wine tasting at 6:30 pm ET on Thursday, May 20th with ONX Wines. Participants in the wine tasting are asked to order the $30 wine tasting kit directly on the ONX website, using the code ‘FPSA’. It should be noted that some states do not allow wine to be shipped into their location so please check the FPSA website to ensure that you are eligible. The deadline for purchasing the wine kits is May 6th so do not delay.

In the meantime, staff is still in the process of collecting donations for these worthy charities. Anyone who would like to help FPSA in their support of these causes should consider donating an item for the Auction.


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