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Greg Pollesch, President
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January 20, 2020

Dairy processing innovator, Galloway, announces planned leadership transition                                                                                
Greg Pollesch to retire, Kevin Beauchamp to serve as Galloway Company president

Neenah, WI. (20, January 2020) — Current Galloway Company president, Greg Pollesch, has announced he will retire May 1, 2020. Kevin Beauchamp, Chief Operating Officer, will serve as Galloway’s next president.

After four years as president and 12 years with the company, Pollesch is announcing his upcoming retirement. He will remain in his role until May 1. As president, Pollesch led the development of the bag-in-box 2X milk and dairy blend products, continuous process improvement formalization, critical real estate acquisitions, and increased revenue and profitability. To provide continued support to the team, Pollesch has agreed to represent Galloway in the following commitments after his official retirement date.

• Galloway Company Board of Directors, Member

• Galloway Company Union Contract Negotiations Team, Lead Negotiator

• Wisconsin Dairy Products Board, Director

“I’m pleased to announce Kevin Beauchamp as the next Galloway Company president,” Pollesch said. “In his 14 years with our engineering and operations teams, Kevin has proven his leadership skills. He’s led our continuous process and cost-savings improvements and capital projects focused on plant expansions and profit enhancement. Kevin and I will work closely together to ensure a smooth and successful transition.”
Before being promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2017, Beauchamp worked as Galloway’s engineering manager for 10 years. Key achievements include:

• Designing and installing a sugar liquefying system that can unload 225,000 pounds of dry sugar in 6 hours.
• Designing and installing a distributed control system that enables automatic control of the manufacturing processes.
• Developing a batch-to-batch software program for sweetened condensed milk responsible for increasing total capacity by 10%.
• Developing an ice cream density control system that saves over $700,000 per year.
• Leading a cross-functional engineering and maintenance team responsible for reducing
annual maintenance costs by 18%.

Beauchamp has also worked in utilities and engineering at the former NewPage Corporation
and D&H Associates. He has a Master of Business Administration from Davenport University
and a Bachelor of Science in industrial technology from Northern Michigan University.
“I’m looking forward to continuing the Galloway Company tradition of innovation as president
and I want to thank Greg Pollesch and the Galloway owners for their continued support,”
Beauchamp said.

All Galloway Company owners will continue in their current leadership and operations positions.

About Galloway Company

In its third generation of ownership, Galloway Company is an industry-leader in producing a
variety of custom liquid concentrated dairy blends. Galloway produces unique formulations of
sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, cream liqueur and beverage base. Classic Mix
Partners, a subsidiary of Galloway Company, is the largest manufacturer of dairy mixes in
Wisconsin and supplies customers across the country. Visit our website for more information on
our complete line of innovative dairy products mixes and bases.