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As I sit here in my office in the suburbs of Washington DC, one of my favorite industry events is getting ready to start in Rosemont – the Food Safety Summit. When you couple that with 3-A’s Summit on Hygienic Design, also taking place this week, I’d say that Chicago seems to be THE place to be for food manufacturers and solution providers for the industry. In fact, I’d venture to say that you won’t find a bigger collection of food production and safety expertise anywhere else this year so if you are reading this on Wednesday the 9th and find yourself anywhere near these two events, I’m sure it’s not too late to go register.

That said, I expect that at both of these events we will have members of our FPSA Food Safety Network gathering with colleagues and clients to address the latest challenges facing food manufacturers today. Since its creation in 2018, this group has served as the perfect platform to unite OEMs and food manufacturers in search of manufacturing solutions for the common good. Over these past six years, the Food Safety Network has hosted podcasts, authored white papers and aired numerous webinars including their “Food Safety 101” series. And with food manufacturers now joining the Association, I suspect we are only scratching the surface of the substantive work this group will tackle. I look forward to seeing what they’ll be working on in the future!

That goes for almost all of the FPSA Networks. As designed, the FPSA Networks handle much of the heavy lifting when it comes to content development for the industry, be it for fellow members or for your clients. The impact of this work has been felt at FPSA’s conferences and trade shows, as well as online, and continues to grow. Of course, we are always looking for new participants so if you are interested in networking with other professionals, it’s time to consider FPSA’s Networks. Join FPSA and see what they are all about!

Andy Drennan