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Optimizing the efficiency of vacuum applications can yield considerable cost savings. It is therefore worth analyzing vacuum technology in its entirety. The new 5E concept from Busch takes all elements of vacuum generation into account. 5E stands for the five key elements which determine the efficiency of vacuum processes: design, heat recovery, control, centralization, and competence.

Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems is committed to developing vacuum pumps and centralized vacuum systems that operate with the highest possible levels of energy efficiency, enabling the customers in the packaging and processing industries to benefit from lower energy consumption and reduced production costs. The focus of energy efficiency is not only confined to the vacuum pump. As a competent partner for vacuum in the food packaging sector, Busch views energy management according to ISO 50001 in terms of a comprehensive approach that demands an understanding of the entire packaging process.

Busch therefore just recently launched their new series of VacTest vacuum gauges. Designed to combine the latest advances in vacuum metrology with exceptional manufacturing quality, it provides an innovative and comprehensive portfolio of active vacuum gauges and controllers. Robust construction, reliability, and measurement accuracy are among the key features of these devices, making them the ideal choice for monitoring and controlling your vacuum processes.