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Frontmatec has acquired the remaining shares to take a 100% of AiRA

In October 2018, Frontmatec entered a partnership with Spanish robotics specialist, AIRA with a 40% acquisition of the company. Since day one, the partnership between Frontmatec and AIRA has been very strong and has contributed to the significant growth of robotic applications in the global red meat industry for the benefit of both companies. Taking full ownership of AIRA is a natural step for both sides as AIRA will become the global Frontmatec competence center for all robotic activities including R&D upon completion of the acquisition.

With the growth prospect in mind, scaling up production is needed. The board of Frontmatec and AIRA has approved an investment to build a new facility in Cardona, Spain with the purpose of meeting the increased demand and making AIRA one of the key manufacturing centers in Frontmatec. Planning works will start immediately. The new facility is expected to be completed towards the end of 2023 or early 2024. This new state-ofthe-art facility will benefit not only the production of robotic solutions but is envisioned to serve as an additional production center for other Frontmatec solutions. This follows the Frontmatec strategy of technological leadership in automation, and in particular robotics, which is experiencing a strong demand globally.

Frontmatec is proud to announce that owner and founder of AIRA, Xavi Jané López has accepted to continue as CEO of AIRA, and in addition to lead Frontmatec Robot R&D strategy globally. Xavi will report to Frontmatec CEO, Allan JF Kristensen.

Frontmatec CEO, Allan JF Kristensen: ‘’I am very pleased to be building upon the solid partnership we have with AIRA and develop robotic automation solutions in areas that traditionally haven’t seen much R&D. We see a growing demand from the global red meat industry for robotic solutions to automate both their primary and secondary processes. In particular primary beef processing, there is a large potential but also in secondary processing for cutting and deboning we see the potential for both beef and pork. AIRA, with its employees, are the undisputed leader in robot applications for processing red meat. We want to build on this leadership and support the investments needed’’.

Located in Cardona, Spain, AIRA has since its foundation in 2001 become synonymous with red meat processing robotics, establishing a large installed base in Spain and since 2018 worldwide through the partnership with Frontmatec.

AIRA CEO, Xavi Jane: “At AIRA, we pride ourselves on the robotic competencies we have established, and I can’t think of a better partner to take AIRA further, as Frontmatec has already proven its capabilities to grow the robotic business through its global footprint. I am pleased Frontmatec will place its global robotic competence and manufacturing center in Cardona and have committed to further expansion with a new production facility. I am looking forward to the next chapter of AIRA and Frontmatec”.

For further information, please contact:
Allan JF Kristensen, CEO
Tel.: +45 262 577 12

Xavi Jané López, General Director
Tel.: +34 639 574 329