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CONTACT: Middleby Food Processing
Carolynn Coiner


Katarzyna Jasper Named Middleby Food Processing Planning Team Solutions Engineer

September 6, 2023 (Elgin, Ill.) – Katarzyna Jasper has been named the Planning Team Solutions Engineer for Middleby Food Processing. In this role, she will support the Middleby Food Processing Group as they provide complete production line solutions to customers as a leading global supplier of bakery and protein processing equipment. Through consultations and onsite assessments, specific equipment integration needs will be determined.

“Katarzyna is a great fit for this position,” said Mark Salman, President of the Middleby Food Processing Group. “She holds a degree in Chemical Engineering and has over nine years of experience in manufacturing and food process engineering. As a leader in the development of breakfast products in a past position, she designed and developed processes from conception to full scale production and provided guidance on product feasibility based on current and future equipment capabilities. Her experience includes working on projects with a wide array of baked goods and proteins.”

“Our customers continue to create new and innovative food products,” Salman continued, “which requires us to be just as innovative in creating the next generation of food processing equipment. Katarzyna brings with her significant experience in the troubleshooting and evaluation of systems, equipment, and processes. She knows firsthand the challenges of creating new food products and how important it is to have a great partnership with food equipment manufacturers. In her new role, she will be instrumental in working with our customers to ensure our equipment delivers what they need today and provides opportunity for growth in their product portfolio tomorrow.”

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