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Greensboro, N.C. – M.G. Newell Corporation, a distributor and full-service systems integrator of hygienic processing solutions, has opened a second location in Greensboro.  The new location at 7004 Cessna Drive will house the Greensboro Division and the Newell Automation Division.   The 40,400 sq ft of additional space includes 17,700 sq ft of skid fabrication and testing space as well as 5300 sq ft for their UL508A Certified panel shop.

“We are excited to further commit to our Greensboro legacy,” stated Gray Sherrill, President of M.G. Newell.  “This investment allows us to grow and handle greater opportunities in our distribution business, our engineering services business and our Newell Automation business in both hygienic and industrial markets.”

The Corporate headquarters will remain at the original location on Citation Court in Greensboro.

Since 1885, M.G. Newell has remained a family-owned company providing sanitary processing solutions to food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and personal care companies.

About M.G. Newell

M.G. Newell was founded by Myron G. Newell in 1885 as a supply store selling everything from hand churns to buggies. The company was first incorporated in May 1908.  At the suggestion of Newell’s son, Burton M. Newell, Sr., the company began specializing in the dairy business in the early 1920’s.

Over the years, the company has expanded to become a full-service distributor and systems integrator of sanitary equipment for the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and personal care industries.  M.G. Newell carries a broad range of pumps, valves, tanks, fittings and other manufacturing supply needs.  In addition to general supplies and parts, the company also works with customers to design and fabricate cost-effective, customized systems to fit their space requirements.  M.G. Newell engineers build sanitary design into every system, from pump carts to valve clusters to batching, mixing or inline blending systems.  Field technicians conduct instrument repair, preventative maintenance, calibration of existing equipment and assist in the start-up of new installments on-site.

Currently, M.G. Newell has three locations:  Greensboro, NC, Louisville, KY and Nashville, TN.  With the addition of the Louisville and Nashville divisions, the original M.G. Newell now functions as the corporate headquarters and houses the Greensboro division.


M.G. Newell
Mimi Cartee
Director of Marketing and Business Development