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October 8, 2019, Today, FPSA announced a new food technician training program as part of an agreement with Lincoln Technical Institute. The new Food Industry Technician Program, also known as FIT, will kick off its inaugural 12-week series of lectures, hands-on training and mentorship with 10 students at Lincoln Tech’s Indianapolis campus in early November. The new program follows a pilot program designed to prepare future industry technicians for innovations in the complex equipment used by suppliers and processors.

The students will be required to have certifications in electrical and electronics maintenance and FIT training will bolster their experience with instruction in hardware, as well as in such soft skills as resume building, communication and adaptability as machinery evolves.

“There are 1.5 million jobs in the food and beverage industry today and thousands of jobs specifically for technicians are also available, and that’s a need that isn’t going away,” Jarrod McCarroll, Chairman of FPSA and President of Weber Inc., told attendees at a news conference at PROCESS EXPO Wednesday morning.

McCarroll added that the industry’s technical advances require a higher level of knowledge that the FIT program is designed to address.

According to Lincoln Tech officials, the FIT program will eventually roll out to more of its 12 campuses in 14 states and the next expansion is expected to be at the Lincoln Tech campus in Melrose Park, Ill.

“There currently is a gap in skills and a lot of interest in filling the need for well-trained workers from the food and beverage industry, and the innovation and training will involve faculty from the industry, up-to-date facilities and support for our FIT students all along the way,” said Scott Shaw, CEO of Lincoln Tech.