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As we hold the last round of planning calls for the various panels we’ll be putting on as part of the PROCESS EXPO University education program, a comment made by one of the alt-protein manufacturers stuck with me. Not to give any secrets about what she’ll raise as one of her main concerns, but she told the group that processing equipment for traditional proteins simply do not work the same as with her alt-protein products. It has taken her years to figure out what modifications are needed for optimal processing results of her production lines.

Just by coincidence, that is one of the things we’ll be highlighting in our Production Lines Program where one of the lines will be making plant-based chicken nuggets and attendees will get to see every step in the supply chain from delivery of ingredients to a packaged product, with all the steps in between. The big draw for this production line is not just the equipment making and packaging the product but also the Industry 4.0 capabilities that will also be included in this demonstration, giving attendees an even deeper dive into what the equipment is doing in real time.

In addition to the nuggets, the 2021 lines will also feature a gluten-free focaccia bread and an automated meatball line with each one presenting its own challenges, and opportunities for processors considering manufacturing products of this nature.

As always, each line will run a live demonstration with actual ingredients with a hostess who will walk the audience through the entire process and explain what they are seeing, as they see it. These three lines bring together some of the food industry’s most innovative OEMs to show the visitor what is possible in their operations, whether it be with a single piece of equipment that they need to upgrade, or a whole line that they are considering installing.

The Production Line program at PROCESS EXPO has been the most popular show floor activity for each edition of the show since it was introduced in 2017 with more than half of all registrants attending at least one demonstration during their visit. We expect this year to be no different.

Just like in these previous shows, all line participants will be available during and after the demonstration to be on hand to address attendees’ questions and help them understand how this equipment might fit into their plans.

If you haven’t yet registered to attend PROCESS EXPO, there’s still plenty of time. This year’s show will include all the equipment our customers look forward to seeing, on the floor and in the production lines. Sign up today!