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Harpak-ULMA presents Stretch Seal packaging equipment that is ideal for poultry products:

  • The film is sealed on the perimeter of the tray and liquid cannot come over the edge and get underneath the tray as happens on current overwrapped foam trays. Wet trays are a major complaint about poultry packaging.
  • The material is PET which is recyclable. Foam will be banned for food packaging in some states like California soon and EPS is not recyclable.
  • The tray has a unique textured design that helps contain liquid.
  • The package is attractive and has a fresh look.
  • The package is unique and has a high-quality look.
  • The equipment has high output. The Mondini Trave can run over 100 #3 trays/min compared to the standard 60-65/min most processors achieve.
  • Shrink tunnels can be eliminated, therefore less heat and moisture will be generated in the refrigerated rooms.
  • The overall footprint is decreased with the elimination of shrink tunnels.
  • Ability to overlap flanges may lead to slightly smaller case sizes.
  • Thermal transfer printers can be integrated to print dynamic information and UPC codes.

Stretch seal packaging is just one of the many capabilities of the versatile Trave tray sealer. With a quick format change, this machine is also capable of MAP, heat seal, skin and vacuum packaging, just to name a few. This allows for more flexibility and value for the processor.