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“No equipment?!?”

That’s what I heard him say. One of our loyal attendees from a prominent mid-west meat packing company told me that he was considering not coming to Process Expo next month because he heard that there would be no equipment.

I must have missed that memo.

I asked our vendor who does material handling for the show. “How much equipment do you our exhibitors have scheduled to ship to McCormick?”

It’s only 750 tons.

750 tons of the latest in processing and packaging equipment for the food and beverage industry. That includes manufacturing solutions across all segments of the food industry. That includes not just daily demonstrations on the meatball, plant-based chicken, and gluten-free production lines, but also lines that exhibitors will be running in their booths. That includes automation solutions to help food manufacturers who are constrained by a tight labor force to just get product out the door. That includes the latest Industry 4.0 solutions that can provide those same manufacturers with valuable real time data to make decisions that improve their efficiency and productivity.

No equipment?

Get out of here. The equipment will be there. The experts will be there. And the educational sessions are in the final stages of preparation. Besides all that, I’m itching to get out of my den.

Time to register for the show!

Andy Drennan, FPSA SVP