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The exact observance of pressures or pressure curves in vacuum-assisted processes in process engineering is an important parameter for ensuring optimum efficiency and the best product quality. Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems has now launched the new series of VacTest vacuum measurement equipment. Designed to combine the latest advances in vacuum metrology with exceptional manufacturing quality, it provides an innovative and comprehensive portfolio of active vacuum gauges and controllers. Robust construction, reliability and measurement accuracy are key features of these devices, making them the ideal choice to monitor and control vacuum processes. These state-of-the-art technologies allow a wide measurement range from 1600 to 5 · 10-10 millibar covering all vacuum levels with accuracy.

With three product lines available (Figure 1), Busch VacTest meets all requirements for the measurement, monitoring, control and regulation of a vacuum system or process in terms of accuracy, measurement range and functionality.

VacTest Digital Transmitters are high-end gauges coming with a full range of options as standard. Their smart micro-controller architecture allows an optimal sensor control as well as many setting possibilities making them the ideal solution for many applications.

VacTest Analog Transmitters feature a compact, rugged and functional design. Thanks to their excellent measuring accuracy and stability, these transmitters are ideal for centralized monitoring and control systems.

VacTest Mobile Gauges are the perfect handheld solution for service or vacuum process quality assurance. These battery-operated gauges offer various functions such as a USB interface for data export and visualization, a data logger and can even be used under such as a USB interface for exporting and displaying data as well as a data logger, and vacuum. This means, for example, that these gauges can be sealed in vacuum packaging to measure the pressure within the packaging.

Busch offers the VacTest explorer as a software tool to provide fast and efficient visualization, analysis and comparison of process data on a computer or tablet. VacTest explorer is available in Lite and Pro versions and has numerous functions. These are used, for example, to calculate leakage rates, to remotely control the active sensor controller, to compare pump-down curves or to configure all digital transmitter parameters.

Figure 1:
The three product lines of Busch's VacTest vacuum measurement equipment: (from left to right) VacTest Digital Transmitters, VacTest Analog Transmitters, VacTest Mobile Gauges.



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