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This week, we issued the call for speakers for the educational program at October’s Process Expo.

As always, we try to assemble an outstanding slate of speakers who can address the most critical topics in today’s food and beverage industry, and beyond!

If you are a food manufacturer, supplier, consultant, academic or expert in your own right, we are looking for sessions in the following areas:

  • Alternative Forms of Production
  • Balancing Capital Investment with Sustainability Goals
  • Creating the secure digital factory
  • Data collection/connectivity (ERP, MES)
  • Developing a Plan for Traceability and Recalls
  • Gluten-free and yeast-based bread advances for pets
  • Hiring, training, and retaining the technology workforce of the future
  • HVAC Technology Innovations
  • Hygienic design standards for Bakery
  • Innovations in Packaging Technologies
  • Innovations in the Ready to Eat Segment
  • Innovative technologies coming to our manufacturing facilities.
  • Key automation technologies to take your facility to the next level
  • Labor Saving Improvements in Food Processing
  • Optimizing CIP Systems
  • Pet Food Production – Innovations, Regulations or Changes in Consumer buying
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Preventing or Identifying New Types of Foreign Materials
  • Sustainability and carbon footprint
  • The Next Generation of Smart Factories
  • The Rate of Return on Hygienic Design
  • Total Cost of Ownership (Lifetime Cost and Equipment Upkeep)
  • Traceability
  • Turning data into information
  • Upgrading and Replacement of Legacy Designs
  • Upgrading Your Plant for Peak Performance
  • Virtual FATs

To be considered as a speaker for Process Expo, submissions are due by February 22nd and can be submitted to Andy Drennan at For more information, please consult the call for speakers document issued on February 1st.