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Palletized Product Freezing: How to Save Your Warehouse Money, Time and Energy!    Register Now





Webinar Topic:

Freezing production quantities of palletized product is both an art and science when it comes to balancing product quality and safety with operational efficiency. Join this one-hour webinar led by Dan Tippmann, Inventor of In-Rack Freezing and a Principal of Tippmann Innovation, to learn about palletized product freezing. On Wednesday, January 17th at 2pm EST, Dan will detail the history of freezing on pallets, the costs and benefits of In-Rack Freezing versus freezing in blast cells, and provide an outlook toward future developments in freezing product on pallets.





Dan Tippmann
Owner and Principal Officer 

Tippmann Innovation

Dan Tippmann is currently an owner and Principal Officer at Tippmann Innovation in Ft. Wayne, IN. A Purdue University trained Mechanical Engineer specializing in Thermal Sciences, Dan is the inventor of the QuickFreeze™ In-rack freezing system. Prior to his career in the refrigeration industry, Dan served two years in the US Army. After his military service, Dan began his career as an Engineering Service Manager at WaterFurnace Corp in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He then joined his father's manufacturing company (Rite Coil) serving as Sr. Engineer and Production Manager. Rite Coil was sold to the Frick Company in 1999. He later joined the Tippmann Group and served as VP of Operations and VP of Engineering and Refrigeration. Dan also served as President and GM of Bond Cold Storage in Chillicothe, MO.

Join us for this Free Webinar: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 2-3 pm EST.  Click here to register!