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Red Circle Honors – Career Excellence

Women’s Alliance Network

The Career Excellence Red Circle honor is presented to a woman dedicated to the food and beverage industry and has taken a proactive approach not only to her personal and professional development but also to the development of other women in the industry. The nominee does not need to be a member of FPSA. You can view all of the Red Circle Honor Awards by clicking here. Nominators, please continue reading the award's criteria below.



The following should be included in your narrative:

  • One (1) paragraph description of the nominee. Provide her biographical information (employment history, job responsibilities, etc.).
  • Nominations should include commentary on at least three (3) of the below topics:
    • She is a forward thinker who works towards implementing positive changes and high standards throughout her company
    • She contributes as a leader, motivator, and mentor
    • Her career has been mainly in the food and beverage industry (please list all companies and positions)
    • She incorporates high standards in her decision-making, performance, and ability to work with others
    • She has received awards or accolades from her company, industry, and/or community (please list)
    • She is involved in key trade organizations and other external professional groups (please list)
  • The narrative should not exceed two (2) pages.

Please Note:

  • The honors are presented at the Women’s Alliance Network Breakfast at Process Expo.
    • Admission to breakfast is $25 for attendees (admission fees are going to a charity), and award winners will be given a free pass each to the event.
    • Additionally, the recipient is responsible for their lodging, travel, and other incidentals.
  • Information from the nomination applications may be used in an article, press release, etc., by FPSA and Messe Frankfurt.
Red Circle Honors – Career Excellence

Nominee Information

Nominator Information

Explanation for Nomination

Please review the details above for what should be included in your narrative. Narrative should not exceed two (2) pages.