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FPSA members are encouraged to sign up for the industry’s most cost-effective online training program – Workforge. This training program features over 800 technical and soft skills courses designed specifically for manufacturing companies' employees.

Learning Paths or A La Carte Training

The Workforge program lets you, the employer, and the employee, decide how best to utilize the program at your pace and according to your professional development plans. You can choose each course individually after reviewing the 800+ course catalog, or you can choose to study any of the different 24 Learning Paths that FPSA subject matter experts have built to help members identify key training areas for manufacturers.

Learning Paths


FPSA members gain access to the entire Workforge library and its Learning Paths for one user included with their membership and only $349/user/year, regardless of how many courses they complete. Please note that additional paid licenses are non-transferrable, so members must sign up for each employee they wish to train using the program.

For more information on the FPSA Workforge Training Program or to sign up your employees to begin online training today, please get in touch with Umair Bajwa at