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Prince Industries, Inc.

At Prince Industries, our singular focus has been on perfecting the mechanical deboning and separation process since 1963. Because of that, we are positioned to offer you the best possible equipment and advice to help you get the most out of your total investment.


After the removal of the main muscle meat, there is still profit to be made from the carcass, whether it is poultry, red meat, fish, or shellfish. The same principles apply to fruit and vegetable mechanical separation.


Here’s how the Prince process works: In the case of meat, fish, or shellfish, the raw carcass materials are fed into our grinder, reducing the carcass into smaller portions and applying appropriate pressure for high or low volume. From there, materials are fed into the deboner. The deboner separates meat from bone or shell by pushing it through a screen. The screen size determines the product’s texture and therefore its use. Prince supplies screens suitable for all types of products, ranging in texture from smooth to coarse.


What you get from the Prince process is mechanically deboned meat and bone or shell residue. The mechanically deboned meat (MDM) is an edible, cost-effective protein used in cuisine all around the world. Bone or shell residue is marketable for edible soup stock, pet food, or bone meal supplement.


Prince, in cooperation with a leading research institute, will work with you to add spices and ingredients to MDM that will accommodate a variety of palates and produce a product that is appealing and marketable for your region of the world. 

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