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For 100 years, Stonhard has been the unprecedented leader in manufacturing and installing high-performance floors for industrial and commercial spaces. Stonhard is dedicated to developing solutions to meet the needs and solve the problems of our customers. We are pleased to announce the release of Stonclad UF, our latest polyurethane flooring system, with unique benefits for food and beverage processing facilities.

Stonclad UF is an exceptionally durable, textured, unsealed system that can be installed quickly. While providing the same notable features of other Stonclad urethane floors like impact, chemical, slip, and thermal resistance, this floor is designed for high abuse areas where coatings wear off over time. Without a sealer, this tough mortar system directly stands up under extreme conditions, a preference for many facilities, especially in the food and beverage industry.

While Stonclad UF does not have the typical texture, sheen, and smooth finish Stonclad systems are known for, it is slightly textured and available in additional color options, including four unique to this formula.

Stonclad UF is HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certified, so it is deemed food safe for food and beverage manufacturers. With its quick-turnaround installation, Stonhard can minimize downtime, keeping busy manufacturers up and running with limited loss of production time.

Kyle Tierney, Stonhard’s Director of Technical Service, explains, “Stonclad UF has exhibited proven performance in the UK market for some time and is highly regarded in the food and beverage manufacturing industry, one of our core markets. Stonclad UF, like our other Stonclad mortar flooring systems, is hand troweled allowing for cove and drain details, essential elements for sanitary design. This floor provides facilities with extraordinary performance under the most strenuous conditions.”

To learn more about Stonhard’s Stonclad UF or any of our Stonclad industrial flooring solutions, visit us at or call 800.257.7953.