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I read a piece this morning regarding email fatigue and the “proper” frequency for sending out emails to avoid disengagement among recipients. According to a survey in this piece, respondents report 8.1 emails per month which is a slight decline from recent years. They suggest that this is being driven down because of lower response rates due to inundated inboxes. I get it. I sure don’t like the number of email solicitations I receive every day. But then, how else can I get my message out?

Currently, I’m looking at three programs that we’re launching for this year that are fairly time-sensitive. In a normal marketing campaign, each one of these programs might get 3-4 emails going out to our members. Times three programs, that’s 9-12 emails in the next 8 weeks, in addition to our newsletters and other communications, and in addition to all the other emails one gets in a day. And yet, what can I do?

Yes, some of this is getting pushed over to direct mail, social media, and videos or phone calls, but the truth is email is the easiest avenue for me to promote what we are offering to our members. These programs represent one of the best networking events out there for senior-level professionals, newly released marketing research that helps members identify new sales opportunities, and scholarship money for their colleagues and family members. What’s not to like? Honestly, I think that’s not the issue. If members knew about these programs, I’m confident they’d be interested. And that is my challenge.

We’ll continue to try different approaches to communicate with our members. Today that means a member alert that includes bullets for each one of these three programs. Tomorrow, we’ll take a different approach. As I wrote last week, members don’t get much value out of their membership if they aren’t aware of the benefits.

If you haven’t clicked on one of the links above, I encourage you to do so. We’re looking to kick off this year with a bang – launching these programs to help YOU be more successful in your business. We’ll have more to come soon and hopefully, I won’t have to flood your inbox to get you to notice!

Andy Drennan, FPSA SVP