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2024 Fall Operations Conference

Join us at the 2024 Fall Operations Conference this September 23rd through 25th at the Hilton President Kansas City in Kansas City, MO, for food and beverage operations professionals.

Developed specifically for food industry professionals, this program will address critical topics and deliver actionable takeaways in the following areas:

Hands-On Project Management Workshop: Delve into Project Management Best Practices alongside industry leaders, design-build experts, OEMs, and food manufacturers. Gain valuable insights to streamline project execution, minimize delays, and maximize success.

Going from Legacy Plant to the Smart Factory: This session will feature automation experts who can help attendees seamlessly transition from legacy equipment to the era of smart factories by adopting new technologies, upgrading operations, and maintaining competitiveness in today's market landscape.

Meeting Increased Demand with a Decreased Labor Force: Address labor shortages and skill gaps challenges by exploring strategies to boost capacity, throughput, and efficiency while supporting your workforce with advanced technical training.

Data-Driven Maintenance as a Margin Enhancer: Unlock the potential of data-driven maintenance to optimize your bottom line. Learn from sensors, remote monitoring, and IoT experts to drive predictive maintenance, reduce downtime, and minimize production costs.

Disaster Prevention and Contingency Planning for Operations: This session highlights the critical aspects of safeguarding your operations against unforeseen events, ensuring continuity, and mitigating risks. Key topics of this session include understanding disaster scenarios, conducting a risk assessment and vulnerability analysis, developing contingency plans, integrating technology in prevention and response, assuring supply chain resilience, and executing continuous improvement and adaptation.

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to network, learn, and strategize with food industry peers and experts. Reserve your spot today and elevate your food production operations.

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We look forward to welcoming you to the FPSA Fall Operations Conference 2024!